The origin story of Superman is one of the most well-known in comics history. All Star Superman number. 1 (2005). The Grant Morrison writer and Frank, an artist, quite skillfully cover the salient elements with only four panels and eight words. Scientists Jor-El, Lara and their infant son Kall are sent to the doomed planet Krypton by a rocket bound for earth. 

Martha and Jonathan Kent, a kind couple from Smallville in the United States, find him. The Kents name Clark the boy and adopt him. As a child, Clark exhibits a collection of superhuman powers like invulnerability, incredible strength, the ability to leap incredible distances, and super speed. You can buy best superman comics via

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This dual identity would create tension throughout the story. Superman is a DC SuperHero that everyone recognizes instantly. From his blue uniform, to his flowing cape and to the shield on his chest with the "S'', Superman is a beloved DC Super Hero. The Man of Steel stands for truth, justice and hope. He is the first SuperHero in the world and a beacon for all.

Superman was the tip of the spear in the revolution that would transform pop culture. He has spent the past eighty years refining what it means for America to stand for truth and justice. Superman, the last survivor from the doomed planet Krypton and a Kansas native, is as much a legend as a man. He is the gold standard for heroism as well as compassion and responsibility.