Cigar smoking is more than just a pleasure for smokers, it is a lifestyle. For a cigar smoker, cigars can be seen as a way for fun or happy moments, to connect with friends or to get like-minded people. 

The practice of cigar smoking is ingrained in the minds of most Americans, and there are many advertisements, clubs or cigar pubs, all in honor of smoking. If smoking is important then, we also need to pay attention to the importance of cigar cutters. 

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cigar cutter

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A cutter is more than just an accessory for cigars cutting. Cigar cutters are never a problem. Cutters are available in all ranges and usually come in a package with a key ring, knife set, and other household or everyday set.

The main function of the cutter is to remove the lid or cigar cap before actually lighting it. Cigar cutters are available in V Cut, Hole Punch and Straight Cut versions. Therefore, what you need to depend on your personal preference and the size of the cigar you own or wish to own.

Usually very affordable are straight cuts and are best used with a small spray. The straight-cut cutter can be a one-blade guillotine or a two-core guillotine. However, the double-edged guillotine should be preferred because of the purity used to cut the cigars.