The function of a necklace similar to a survival bracelet, but with some additional benefits. Like the popular bracelets, built mostly of 550 paracords, cables can be used for various purposes.

Does repairing damaged shoelaces, struck down something for backpacks, build shelter, forming a noose, or something as simple as making a lanyard, paracord extremely versatile. Anywhere or any time where necessary, cordage, paracord can be used for that purpose. Paracord tools are used to make your survival necklace. You can buy paracord tools through

An additional benefit of more survival necklaces is the ability to bring items in the necklace. Over the years, survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts have done things on a string or ball chain necklaces around their necks, like steel flame, small knife, and a variety of goods more tailored to individual needs.

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In this way, both necklace and goods carried on it is a tool for personal survival. A necklace of survival also referred to by some as necklaces 550 paracords, can withstand the same amount or more than the spinning because most bracelets to survive in today's market.

As mentioned earlier, most of the survival bracelets constructed from 550 paracords. This type of cable is composed of the outer sheath of nylon, approximately 5/32 to 3/16 inch in diameter, about seven strands woven in different materials.

Inner strands can be used for sewing, such as fishing lines, binding goals, and even in the manufacture of the bowstring. Other nylon rope, also known as praline, although similar in appearance to 550 paracords, usually containing four strands are built of materials that are different from those in the 550 paracords.