Business process management is a field of management, a branch of management studies. The focus is on increasing the efficiency of business process management by improving the processes involved in running that business. 

It optimizes business processes to increase efficiency in the organization. This type of approach allows organizations to adapt to change better than the traditional top-down hierarchical approach. Applied consistently, it can improve the functioning of an organization, as well as its sales and profitability. You can pop over to this website if you want to know more about business process optimization.

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Business process management is the type of management defined by some as "a systematic approach to making work processes in organizations more efficient and effective, adapting to an ever-changing environment". 

The business process itself can be defined as a series of activities required to achieve certain goals in the organization. BPM is an infrastructure management entity that ensures optimal use of enterprise resources and core operations. Effective business process management gives companies an edge over the competition.

Management must be effective, ensuring operational efficiency, business transparency, excellent customer experience and the ability to respond to change. It is an essential tool in the hands of business leaders. 

Today there are many Business Process Management programs from leading software giants that offer BPM programs for effective business management. They can be tailored to the needs of each company. 

They are user friendly and offer optimization tools and help integrate the entire set of business processes. Processes can also be monitored in the dashboard and improve management capabilities for end users.