One of the most common maladies in our civilization today is a hassle. Yes, even more, commonly compared to the common cold. And the most popular over-the-counter (OTC), a non-prescription drug sold nationwide is – you guessed it – headache remedies.

One estimate asserts that some 50 million people in the U.S. undergo acute, long-term, recurring headaches and Cranial Osteopathy. While most headaches are not signs of severe underlying conditions, they are extremely distracting and accounts for a substantial reduction of work time.

Because we have become a"pill-popping" society, and are often looking for a quick cure, the overuse of OTC pain relievers has become as big an issue – if not larger – compared to the headaches themselves. Continued use of over-the-counter drugs (analgesics) accompanied by continuing headaches may manifest itself as"drug-induced" headaches. This problem is referred to as a"rebound headache."

Rebound headaches are the result of the body becoming accustomed to the doses of medication being absorbed. This then requires more and more regular use of drugs to relieve the pain. Now the headaches worsen and become more challenging to control. This spiral result is destined to last until the usage of these medications is stopped.

For this reason alone, a chronic headache sufferer should think about alternative treatment resources such as chiropractic therapy.