Every meeting, event, service – basically whatever is said – can be inscribed. Several companies offer this service to government agencies, universities, churches, and others to provide equal access for the deaf and blind.

Whether they're board members, students, or members of your meeting, everyone can participate in real-time, whether via TV shows, online streaming, webinars, or even on-site from networked mobile devices. You can also check the leading live captioning service via https://inclusiveasl.com/cart-transcription/.

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How it works

1. Highly qualified and experienced customers in real-time monitor and listen to programs/webinars/meetings / etc. You in real time and he writes every word spoken with a special abbreviation keyboard.

2. Your computer translates the walls of English text in the form of inscriptions.

3. Written text data is sent to a written text encoder or online platform via modem and telephone line or via IP.

4. Finally, the subtitles are continuously encoded in the signal while the program is running.

Direct inscriptions are made by the owner in real-time using a special wall machine. Because they wrote in person, they didn't have a chance to go back and correct mistakes.

This type of label is created for live programmings such as sports events, news broadcasts, or awards ceremonies. Live captioning is best for deaf and blind people to understand better.