Amazon is one of the biggest and most visited sites worldwide. If you are a web developer or you simply want to start an online business, Amazon is one of the best places to do it.

Internet marketing refers both to the process of advertising using online means and to the process of selling and trading through an electronic process. With Amazon, you can both advertise and sell your products and even sell someone else's products for a profit share. In the following paragraphs, we will analyze the options you have.

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1. Amazon advertising

If you own a website and you are selling some products or services through that website, or you simply need to visitors on the site, Amazon can serve you perfectly. Just like Google has the AdWords program, Amazon has an advertising program of its own.

The great thing is that you can have highly targeted marketing. Let's say you are selling tennis rackets. With Internet marketing from Amazon, you can place your ad in the sports or even just the tennis category. This way, when someone wants to buy a DVD, book or some other product related to tennis they will also see your ad.

2. Amazon sales service

The main way you can use Amazon is to sell your products. Have you written a book or released an instructions DVD? Amazon is the place to market it. The great thing about Internet marketing through Amazon is that you don't need to create any website from scratch.