If you are going to throw a party for kids you are mostly worried about the engagement of the kids that are going to come to the party. When the kids are under the age of 6 or 8, it becomes quite difficult to handle them during the party. There should be such games decided for the party that every child enjoys and gets engaged.

But, unfortunately you will find no such game, and even if you find one, you will feel that it will take only an hour or so, and then again the children are free. Some of them get bored if they are not kept engaged, while some get destructive, so it becomes the first thing to decide — that is about the kids’ involvement throughout the party.

You can rent water bouncy slide ( which is also known as ”  toboggan gonflable ” in the french language )

balls inflatable structure / structure gonflable avec des balls

There is a fabulous idea for a party game and that is to hire or buy an inflatable kids toy and it is for sure that all the kids would definitely love the idea. Inflatable toys are available in many shapes and sizes and come with all the facilities like a large fan that fills up the ballooned inflatable toy in just few minutes.

Children love to jump and play on it and fall on it and enjoy the whole thing. There varieties of toys like castles, islands, houses, pirate’s ships and many more. There are inflatable slides too that come in different sizes and you can choose the size according to the age group of the children that are invited to the party. Themes are also attached to the slides like the western themes that has cactus on it, racecar slides, tidal waves, crocodiles and lot more.

The other one is the inflatable obstacle courses that come along with unlimited themes and include squeeze through, slides, climbs and all kinds of fun in it. Then you can have the bounce house, which is for jumping, hopping and merry making for the children.

With an unlimited range of inflatable toys it becomes difficult sometimes o decide which one to take. When you are planning a party for much younger kids then you can bring home the inflatable toys that include jumping, hopping, sliding and so on. But when little bigger kids are invited then it is advisable to bring the fun challenges that are included in one unit. They will love to play and meet the challenges involved in the toy.