According to the developing team, the IMVU is an avatar-based social simulation. It is very much like those virtual-reality games like Second Life and similar titles with the exception that this one consists of notably fewer gameplay elements. It’s all about chatting through your avatar in a virtual environment rigged with many points of interest that will animate you in a different manner allowing you to express how you respond.

This way you may attract and get to know other players who you can later hang out with. Despite not being able to fully understand what this game is supposed to be, we were more than capable to crack it down and figure out how to allow the users to fully take advantage of IMVU credits hack. There are various legit ways to earn free IMVU credits. You can even play games to earn free imvu credits through

Credits hack and what you can do with it?

IMVU allows you to customize your avatar with a lot of accessories and clothing. T-shirts, jeans, sweaters and jackets, bracelets and rings, you can get them all. The game’s currency is called credits and it is obtainable through in-app purchases. In-app purchases, of course, require real money to complete the transaction.

The other way is to hack credits through our IMVU generator tool. Owning everything in this game is not an impossible task. If you are a person with strict and well-developed taste in clothing and like to stick to your usual routine, then it would be rather easy for you to get what you need and be done with it.