Timber frame homes are the design of choice for dreamers who pass time creating endless possibilities for that perfect custom look that only their house will have. Using a hybrid approach increases those possibilities even more.

There are many ways to incorporate a Hybrid into a design plan. Hybrids of timber frames and trusses may include a free-standing timber frame unit or simply involve individual accent pieces created with mortise and tenon joinery.

Our most successful use of hybrid technology has been a timber frame centre section surrounded by more conventional construction to complete the house. You can also look for the timber frame manufacture in Australia.

This creates a great room with the perfect atmosphere suitable for large family gatherings and other celebratory events. Another popular design is to add a timber frame great room as a wing of the house.

Families often use this design to create an entertainment area that provides noise and traffic control for the rest of the house. Wing design is also frequently used to create a private master bedroom suite.

Enhancements to both the exterior and interior look of the hybrid are obvious. With the Hybrid approach countertops and cabinets do not have to be adapted to the posts. There is also greater flexibility in designing bathrooms without posts. The hybrid design allows us to accommodate just about any floor plan a homeowner desires.

From contemporary urban to suburban and classic country surroundings, the Timber Frame Hybrid increases neighbourhood value and is a welcome addition to any community or mountain retreat.