Certified mail is a particular service provided by the U.S. Postal Service where the mail carrier gets the signature of the receiver as evidence of shipping. A charge for the service is included in the related postage that is applicable to the sort of package or mail being shipped.

How To Send united Postal Service Certified mail?

The online mail needs to be electronically signed by the sender. When it's delivered to a specific address, you can also get the proof of delivery with the attached receipts.

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When you send the online document, the service offers you a tracking number, which you may input the USPS site's monitoring page and trace your mail piece for shipping, tried delivery, or denial.

Most of the people now days want to send certified mail online. There are many advantages to sending mail digitally.

  • There is no sign-up, no cost, no monthly fee to use cloud-based mailroom.
  • It is easy to prepare your file for mailing.
  • The cost is appropriate. You do not need to physically present or take some time from your job to operate from the post office.
  • It is the quickest way to send emails online. It requires hardly any time to upload your own PDF, along with your email goes out the following working day.
  • You receive absolutely free entry to Report Portal and Picture Bank, in which you won't just see your tracking number once the letter goes outside, but will have the ability to see, reprint, email, or resend the record.