IRS issues can be very difficult to deal with. Once you get into trouble with your taxes, you can suffer sleepless nights and will always be emotionally charged. Even if you have a very basic understanding of tax laws, there is always a risk of misinterpreting yourself during the procedure. 

You have to remember that the last thing you want when dealing with an IRS problem is pleading with yourself. Petitions do almost nothing during the IRS process. You have to be very rational throughout the process and while you may not be able to get rid of your IRS issues completely, it can keep your penalties to a minimum. You can find the best IRS attorney via

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tax Attorney - Silver Tax Group

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The safest and most effective way to find a good tax attorney when you have a problem with the IRS is by wire transfer. As a friend who has the same tax liability for his own legal counsel phone number. Of course, you can also view ads, but that takes time. 

You should research the candidate's credentials, subject matter, fees and personality. Paper references can be very insightful when you see a tax attorney, but you also need to know how he or she treats people. You will be working very closely with this tax attorney and you need to find someone you can fully trust.

A tax attorney can make things easier for you by calculating the taxes you have to pay and explaining the whole process to a layman. It's true that hiring a lawyer can be very expensive, but imagine the stress and risk of the tax office saving you yourself. You will be fine with finding an attorney who has reasonable service fees.