The process of building a CRM system can be divided into 2 phases: solution selection and implementation. The choice of a CRM solution is usually considered in many ways and the most important of which is: Does the solution match the company's current business strategy and management system? 

Since the core of CRM is database and processing tools, CRM solutions based on an IT background are superior to other solutions. Custom build notifications can help you to attract your potential customers and increase the growth of your business.

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In the first step in setting up a CRM in the company, managers first think about which database and CRM software to use or how to build a CRM system that fits the chosen CRM software. 

The implementation of a CRM system should provide information and stimulate the company's business processes. Therefore, technology should be considered secondary and the ability to maintain it should be the first priority. 

In other words, the method, the billing process implemented by the CRM system using information processing algorithms, is a determining quality factor. 

A CRM system that can't provide managers with better information and improve a company's business has no excuse. However, the role of information technology in CRM is very important.