Tulum is a municipality in Mexico situated on the Yucatan Peninsula. Like Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Aventuras, Tulum is also famous for its white sandy beaches and archaeological sites. It is also known for its natural cenotes(limestone sinkhole) and marine rare species. 

Renting a private cruise ship in Tulum is an ideal option to reach a beautiful location and to enjoy recreational water activities. Tulum has many small historic boutique hotels and luxury villas.


There are plenty of things to enjoy in Tulum. The all-inclusive resorts are situated only a few minutes away from the main airport and the beaches. On the cruise ships, you can take advantage of luxury facilities and the inbuilt accommodation and resting rooms are very spacious.

On the ships, you can expect a minibar with magnifying mirrors. The mini bar has soft drinks and beer.  They also have separate spaces for parting and gatherings. All the rooms include a balcony. To make the journey comfortable and enjoyable, onboard passengers are also allowed to enjoy water sports and fun activities such as paddle boarding, snorkeling, fishing, and high diving. 

Drinks and snacks are offered 24 hours a day. Travel with a luxury cruise ship is an incredible experience that you will remember for a lifetime.