If you want to travel to areas with difficult terrain, chains for tires are essential. In winter, some roads are impassable due to the severe weather. Chains are a great help. But, it is important to know how to install a tire chain. 

It is not difficult. Before you do anything else, make sure you verify that you can attach a chain to the wheels of your car. Find out what type of chain is recommended if it's possible. You can also search online for the experts who can install the best automatic tire chains in Calgary.

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After you're sure, buy the item from an online seller. You should receive an instruction manual with your purchase. The manual should be easy to follow, so even beginners can do the job. The first step of the installation process is to lay the chains flat. This is to remove any twists or tangles.

Next, arrange the equipment so that the sharp end of the open hook is facing down away from the tire. This is important to avoid tire damage after installation, as the hook will face upwards. There are two parts to this. These are the bow lever on your right and the chook on your left.

Also, make sure that the other end of the chain has the same number as the free links. Continue to insert the tire onto the top of the chain. This arrangement will place the bow lever side on the tire. The inner side of your tire will have the chook end of the chain. The chook should then be connected to the link at the end of the chains.