Updates are necessary as they improve security, fix software bugs, remove outdated features, add new or enhanced features. So, they are released once or twice every month. Here, we are talking about Garmin Maps that we should update from time to time. But sometimes while downloading updates, some users face downloading errors like ‘There was an error installing the update’, ‘There was an error installing the contentor sometimes update just freezes i.e. no visible progress.

So, follow these points which will help you to resolve Garmin Map Update issue:

  1. Check whether you have the latest version of Garmin Express installed.
  2. Don’t use Mobile broadband such as a 4G/LTE MiFi, Air Card, or cell phone tethering, etc. as Garmin Express is not designed to be used with them. Use High-speed Internet such as DSL or fiber connection.
  3. Make sure if you have at least 20 gigabytes of free space to install Updates successfully.
  4. Disable Internet Security/Firewall before installing updates as sometimes they interfere with Garmin Express.
  5. Try rebooting your Router/Modem and then try again Updating Maps.
  6. Close all applications which are linked or reading to the Garmin Device.
  7. Sometimes, an incorrectly configured proxy may affect the connection between the Internet and Garmin Express. So, don’t forget to check that.
  8. Try running Garmin Express as an Administrator (Only for Windows).
  9. Uninstall Garmin Express, restart your PC, and install it again.

So, following these points will surely help you to update Garmin Maps and fix update errors.