CPR, which means cardiopulmonary resuscitation, is a procedure that can be used in patients who have had a critical heart attack. 

Here we discuss in detail about the best CPR training in Kent:

Cardiac arrest causes a person's brain to lose a constant flow of oxygen, often resulting in extreme, temporary, or even permanent brain damage, and even death if immediate medical care is not available. 

CPR Training

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When CPR is performed at a time like this, the patient will continue to be given oxygen and last as long as he or she is likely to receive appropriate medical care. 

Although CPR cannot be a cure for a medical emergency as complex as a heart attack, if used properly, it is very important to keep the patient alive until expert medical care is provided. However, CPR is very effective in smaller cases and is sufficient to resuscitate a drowning or strangled person.

All doctors, whether nurses, doctors, physicists, or paramedics, must have a good understanding and knowledge of the CPR  process. You should all have a thorough understanding of CPR as it is the first step in ensuring patient health. 

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