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How to Create a Waist Apron Pattern

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Step 1

Lay the fabric on the waist apron folded at the edge of the board two sewings. Use a straight edge ruler and grid on board sewing as a guide to cut a piece that measures 16 "wide by 17" long. Note when a piece is laid flat apron will measure 32 "by 17".

With a folded cloth, lay one end of the straight edge ruler at the lowest point of the fabric folding. Set the end of the ruler 3 "to the edge of the fabric.

Step 2

Lay fabric so that the folding center lies on the vertical line of sewing boards. Measure 3 "to the left of the center. Fold 1" at the bottom at this time. Safe folding with straight pins and fabric folds with running your palms below the fold.

Press the folds flat with a hot iron.

Step 3

Sew 1/2 "from the top edge of the unfinished raw fabric, sewing from one side to the other and securing the folds in place.

Step 5

Measure the upper edge on the front apron waist from side to side to determine the size of the opening is required at the waist, around 20 ".