Black mold is indeed one of the harmful molds that can quickly appear in houses, it produces toxins known as mycotoxins, which are capable of causing deadly health problems in humans. The mycotoxins are then ingested by humans through the air and food and drink. Mold begins to increase once its tiny spores land on an easily-damp, fibrous material (drywall, wood, carpeting), and it could spread all over the house within just 24 hours. Mold removal is necessary to prevent such health problems from occurring.

To know if there is a significant amount of black mold present in a house, it is essential to check for the following tell-tale signs: mildew or musty odor, constant dampness under the carpet, black or dark green water stains, continuous moisture levels in the basement and attic and frequent, small holes or cracks in the walls, floors or tiles. If there is heavy moisture in your house, you should take the necessary actions immediately to solve the problem. Check for possible leaks and excessive standing water in the basement and attic and the crawl space, and your house's main floor. These areas typically have the highest concentration of mold because they have the least natural ventilation supply, which allows them to spread quickly. Therefore, it should dry out these areas, and all the possible porous surfaces should be sealed. 

It is also essential to detect any possible moisture sources that might be causing the black mold to grow and thrive. This includes leaks in the roof, plumbing pipes or faucets, excess humidity in the air due to defective vent fans, or inadequate insulation. In addition to this, there might be several types of molds with different food sources, such as spores from tiny insects or fungi that feed off organic materials and spread. Once you identify the moisture sources in your house and start drying them out, you will soon find that the black mold has already diminished and will not pose a serious health threat to you or your family any longer. For a completed guide on how to deal with mold, check and follow the steps presented in there.