You can very well manage your cattle farms today with advanced technology. All you need is an internet-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or computer to operate the technology. You can find several technologies online with which you can Measure Yield Per Cow with Saber Milk sensors online. 

Benefits Of Saber Herd

With Saber Herd you can:

• Record and group access to data from anywhere

• View events logged by all users / staff as they occur

• Improve your herd and each animal is information, better decisions faster and better

What can you do with milk Saber Software

• Flock management simpler and faster when using the features in Saber Herd.

• Flock management

• Event records (optimized for quick entry of Dairy)

• Management includes a comprehensive veterinary care and medicine

• dynamics of the group (animals grouped automatically based on criteria specified)

Milk Saber analysis sensor is a simple and powerful way to gather information. Not only this:

• Identify your real performance with accurate, immediate information

• Use powerful reporting to quickly identify potential problems and low producer you

• Optimize your feed efficiency by feeding your main producers more

• Increased production and profitability

• It is easy to detect glass that was not cleaned properly and receive warnings about the alleged blocking of letters and lines at the end of the wash cycle