Hard landscaping elements can range from decorative rocks, through wooden sleepers and concrete pavers, right up to the bricks and blocks used to build retaining walls and other structures. If you want to get the information about garden edging products then have a peek at this website.

There is really no end to the ways that pine can be used. Pine products make quick and versatile garden edging, can be used to make raised vegetable or flower beds, bolted together as retaining walls or fences, or even stood up on their ends, concreted into the ground and joined with a mesh to make an archway for a climbing plant. Pine is easy to work with and fits into almost any landscaping scheme.

Flagging and pavers

The range of flagging and pavers on the market is extensive! You can buy anything from a plain concrete slab (including round slabs or Concrete – a light concrete reinforced with fibre) to the fanciest etched and coloured pavers.

Another option is a natural stone, such as sandstone flagging, or modern stacked stone slabs, which are designed to look like narrow pieces of natural stone, piled on top of one another and look fantastic in the right setting.

Garden Edging

Garden edges are perhaps the toughest landscaping products, used most often by home gardeners or gardeners. It is available in all finishes, including wood or plastic edges that are simply pushed into the ground, aluminum edges that can be nailed with custom-made nails, pine blocks or pre-formed concrete edges – for example, around a tree surrounding your cut tree your tree and keep the mulch in place.