As dog ownership continues to increase, our perception of our relationship with dogs has evolved to the point where many people consider their furry friend an important family member. Manufacturers of dog supplies have accordingly increased the variety of their offerings giving dog owners safer and easier options to easily train and live with their dogs. The same goes for dog accessories, including leashes.

The variety of options for specialty leashes has grown for both training and safety uses. You can shop for a variety of durable dog leashes and collars online on  For dogs that pull on a leash, a bungee cord can be added as a useful training tool. The idea is that the tension built into the bungee cord increases as the leash is stretched, and the resistance the dog experiences teach them not to pull without adding a lot of tension to the dog or owner. 

The weight of the dog determines the size of the leash. There is also a wide range of hands-free leashes. The hands-free leash clearly allows dog owners to simultaneously tether and walk the dog while pushing the stroller, using the phone, walking, and so on. A bicycle leash also falls into this category, although it would appear that tying a dog to a moving bicycle for an extended period of time would require additional consideration and possible attention.

Certain categories of specialty leashes offer many benefits, such as those that help increase the safety of dogs on night walks. Owning a dog involves some walking in the dark, which creates an element of increased danger to you and your dog. This is mainly due to the limited view. Not only is it difficult to avoid objects on which you are walking, but it is also difficult for cars to see you and often impossible to see your dog because they are also below their natural line of sight. Danger at night can cause disaster for you and your friends.



There are a variety of options for improving safety for walking in the dark, mostly pertaining to increased visibility of the leash and collar. There are lighted leashes with LED lighting that stays lit or blink for increased awareness. There are reflective leashes and collars that work just like reflective clothing strips.