The need for a plumber can be for various reasons but the most common one is blocked drains and pipes both at home and at the workplace.

Though the pipelines and drains usually work in a very systematic manner, especially now with advanced technology implemented, yet there may be problems and these can vary to a great extent from home to home and the different kinds of 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Contractors used.

Obstructions and clogging is the most common cause and hence the need to call in an emergency plumber arises. Today there are many emergency plumbing professionals who are attached to various plumbing companies and who are engaged by these companies to do the work for you.

Since the most common causes are blocked toilets and blocked drains you would need the plumbers to clear blocked drains and the toilet block. So getting highly efficient people are needed especially skilled in the working of the advanced method of equipment used to clear blocked drains.

The blockage could be due to various reasons like something stuck in the pipe in which case it is quite easy to remove but if it is something more complicated like frozen pipes which are very usual in winter, then a little more experienced personnel would be needed. Prevention of such emergencies also should be known to the owner of the home before the winter sets in.