Waxing is often an intimate experience. Great waxing salon provides a clean and comfortable environment to help customers relax and feel at home during the service. While a comfortable environment is easy to produce, maintaining a clean environment is hardly easy.

These days, in a regular waxing salon, you could walk away with a nasty infection, if the waxing salon is not keeping up with health and safety standards. You can approach the best eyebrow waxing in Hong Kong with a neat and clean process.

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What can you do to make sure your waxing salon is clean?

Make sure the esthetician uses a new stick every time dipped into a bath of wax. Bacteria can contaminate the whole container of wax and seed with infectious organisms. Do not let anyone fool you by saying that the hot wax can kill germs because of the high temperatures. That makes no sense.

Bacteria can then be transferred to your skin. So Make sure the salon is clean and that a licensed cosmetologist. Check if you are wearing gloves. Make sure all the beds are covered with disposable paper towels.

How Serene keep it clean?

We do not like to brag, but on Serene, keeping us clean waxing boutique is our number one priority, because health and safety are directly related to the welfare of our customers. Fortunately, being a waxing salon independent, we can choose our own cleaning service providers. We are proud to inform our customers that we use Coverall, a leading industrial hygiene cleaning system, to provide commercial cleaning for Serene.

The coverall cleansing process is unique: it is a health-based cleanup plan that conquers the spread of disease-causing germs. The cross-contamination prevention approach is applied to clean all the floors, carpets, and all services are provided by trained, certified professionals.