It's no secret that drains are usually hidden. This means they are impossible to access without causing major disruption, which could lead to problems and costly costs.

But now, thanks to CCTV cameras, combined with the latest technology, this is no longer an issue that can quickly identify problems like blockages, as well as being able to assess the condition of the current system. You can also visit to hire CCTV drains survey contractors for your home.

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The top of the line systems feature high-definition (HD) colour cameras that make the assessment more precise and any issues simpler to spot for engineers. Pipe sizes of 50mm and 300m can be inspected with a distance of up to 500m in the same set-up. It is recommended to ask for a DVD as well as any suggestions made by engineers.

Usually, it is used to identify issues with the drainage system and record them, it could assist in preventing any issues or failures that could occur in the system. It is used in the industry of construction CCTV inspections are conducted after the construction site is transferred. 

The worker will conduct an extensive evaluation, resulting in an account of the site's drainage system, and report on its integrity, cleanliness and most importantly , the system's functioning effectively. The report is required for the safe and smooth transfer of the building or site, and to avoid any dispute. All surveys are recorded, and later distributed to our customers along with a report that outlines the state that their drains are in.