Health is the most important thing that one can own. Good health keeps us safe from causing major damage to our body in any way possible. You need to work a lot to have good health. A healthy immune system contributes a lot in having good health. When you have a strong immunity system you are less likely to get infected with any disease easily. This is the reason why most of the people still fall sick even after following a healthy routine. In case you are unsure about your health and immunity try visiting a family physician as soon as possible. 

Your health also plays a vital role in affecting your emotional well being. When you are not physically fit you might experience emotional breakdown. This also involves stress, mood swings, anxiety or depression. It is hard to relate specific emotional issues with specific diseases or health issues. You just need to understand that some things come uninvited. 

While having poor health you go through a lot of trouble and physical pain. Your physical strength does not keep up quite well with you. This makes you more moody and irritated already. Sometimes you might feel annoyed and more than that as well. This way when the more you face such issues, the more you also get your emotional well being affected.