With the rise in popularity of chat bots like Facebook Messenger Bot, many companies are wondering if they should be using their own Messenger bot platform as well. Many believe that they should, however it does depend on the type of company, and how interactive their brand messages are.

Here are some things to think about:

It saves time. For large companies that have thousands of customers, this may very well be a major deciding factor. Simply put, such bots already know what's being said, and can therefore formulate an appropriate response in an almost human fashion. A good messenger chatbot is a sophisticated piece of software which uses sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI).

It improves customer relations. Yes, this will of course depend on how your brand message is being presented to potential customers. In general, Messenger Bots is excellent at keeping in touch with both current and potential customers because they have a wide variety of bases to talk on. The most common types of Messenger Bot conversations will likely be with business associates or partners. But a good bot will also be able to hold conversations with friends, family members, and even random strangers.

It provides superior customer service. This is perhaps the most important reason why so many businesses choose Messenger Bot over similar apps, they are designed to offer superior customer service. They are often referred to as automated bots, because they receive instructions, answer questions, and perform actions automatically. Unlike other automated apps which only allow users to post messages and view their inbox, Messenger Bot allows customers to post responses, browse through and respond to messages, download files and media, and manage accounts.

It is a perfect platform for businesses. There are tons of apps out there that cater to business needs, but very few of them are aimed directly at Messenger Bot. By focusing on this application alone, businesses can focus on two things increasing their customer base and improving their customer service. Both of these are possible thanks to Messenger Bot's many features. The ability to contact customers via email, for example, lets a business knows its customers' locations. And by giving customers an option to leaving a message in their inbox or leaving a review, businesses can make sure that every customer is treated personally and professionally.

It uses the Facebook messenger bot. Unlike most other apps, Messenger Bot works well with hootsuite. If you are using the official Facebook app, you don't have to use the bot in order to have access to Messenger Bot's convenience. On the other hand, many people use Facebook to share information or connect with friends. So, in order to take full advantage of messenger bots and other social media apps, you need to use the official one and integrate it with hootsuite. This allows you to have a "one stop" shop for all your social networking needs.

Since Facebook users tend to spend less time than the average Internet user, you can use Messenger Bots to encourage more interaction. Unlike other apps, Messenger Bots doesn't require you to send a single message. You can simply ask the bot to post a status or update your fans on a current event, or you can reply to a comment or send a photo. In fact, by using Messenger Bot in this way, businesses can drive up their email marketing engagement rates.

Unlike other apps, Facebook users tend to be more likely to provide feedback or reply to messages. And, by providing an easy option to leave feedback or reply to a comment, Facebook Messenger Bot makes it easy for businesses to engage their consumers. As a social communication channel, it's designed to build trust and intimacy between company and customer. It also allows customers to easily post feedback and comments. By encouraging interaction, Messenger Bots ensures better customer service for businesses.