A cot is lightweight, transportable using a drop-down option. It's intended to fit on almost any bed. You can keep your baby in the cot if your baby is seeking comfort without needing to escape bed. A sleeping cot may also act as a crib.

The co-sleeper is also an excellent cot for twins since they may lie beside one another and close to you. With its compact fold, the co-sleeper could be converted into a free-standing quadrant, a table, a playpen, or a traveling cot. You can buy the best baby cot from RaaB family official online store, and keep your kid with comfort.

Cots are available in many sizes and shapes and may be used from birth to 4-5 years. Some are intended to fit in the corner, though some can be transformed into a junior bed when infants grow. 


Many cots have fall sides, which may be reduced when your baby has to be picked up, or a foundation that may be adjusted as your baby develops. 

Many cots aren't transportable, though some might have fitted casters. Some wooden cots possess a plastic, protective coated railing around the edges, which prevents the baby from chewing on the slats when his/her teeth are growing.

Baby cots can be found in many different layouts, colors, and sizes. Key points to consider may include your child's size, growth, and also the period of time the effluent will be utilized. Choose the one which satisfies your baby's requirements.