Skilled Migration is the largest segment of the skillful Stream of Australia's Immigration Program. Australia demands about 80,000 people per year based on an experienced migration visa. Read more here to know more about skilled migration.

You need to meet certain basic or threshold tests for this type of immigration which includes a skills assessment for a nominated occupation on the Skilled Occupations List, being between the ages of 18 and 44, have general English language ability as evidenced in the IELTS test, have recent employment in a skilled occupation or completion of two years of a student in Australia.

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The general skilled migration program has both onshore and offshore classes. The onshore section of this visa can be accessed by international students that have completed more than 2 years of study in Australia, holders of trade skills training visas, holders of skilled graduate visas, working holidaymakers and occupational trainees.

Are you applying from offshore, you will need to complete the skills assessment before applying. If you are onshore as an applicant you will need to show that you have applied to a skills assessment with the relevant organization.

If there is an expiry date on the skills assessment, you will need to lodge the visa application before the application. Sometimes it can also be important to ensure that the qualifications which you obtain from a university meet the relevant criteria.