Axe throwing is the latest and newly invented sport, it was found in 2006. In this game, you have to hit the axe on a board that consists of a bullseye and 5 circles. You can also enjoy playing axe throwing games in Acton, USA via

The Ultimate Axe Throwing Guide

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Every participant is allowed to play 4 matches in a league night of axe throwing. You have to play each match against different opponents. Opponents are selected randomly and consist of the following:

1. You will get to throw the axe 10 times in a match.

2. A player will hit 5 throws and then switch the side. 

3. Changing sides after5 throws ensure fair play.  

4. The person who will have more score after 10 throws will be the winner of the match.

5. If there is a tie after 10 throws then they will have to throw the axe 11th time and the person who scores the maximum in that 11th hit will be the winner. 

6. This procedure goes on until there is a winner. 

You should also know the details about scoring if you are willing to play Axe throwing:-

There is a bullseye that is our main target and then there are 5 rings other than the bullseye on the axe throwing board. The closer you hit the bullseye, the more score you will get.  

1. You can straight get 6 points for the bullseye.

2. If you hit the 2nd ring then you will have 4 points on the board.

3. You will get 3 points for the 3rd ring.

4. If you hit somewhere near the 4th ring then you will get 2 points.

5. 1 point, if you hit the 5th ring