Children are sponges. Children absorb everything that is taught to them, especially when it is fun and easy to understand. It is never too late to teach math concepts to your children. There are many opportunities for math in everyday life. You'll soon see math everywhere you go if you start to notice them.

A great way to start is storytime with your child. There are many opportunities to discuss math in almost any book you read. Don't just read 'The Three Little Pigs.' You should stop at every page, and allow your child to take in the images. You can also buy 4th-grade kids’ math books at

Ask them questions about the pictures, but don't be afraid to encourage them even if they are wrong. It is important to provide positive experiences for learning. This will ensure that your child is always eager to learn. 

Ask your child questions like "How many pigs are on this page?" Ask your child questions like "How many apples are in this tree?" If your child is not able to count, you can happily count for them. As a rule of thumb, count all things literally. 

You can count the steps as you climb them or the socks when you take them out of the dryer. There are many options. Are your children picky eaters? You can try saying "Just take five more bites, and you will be done", then count them out.