Increasing the power of your mind does need continuous work. There are however lots of things that you can do in order to ensure your mind has been concentrated on the right pursuits.  Simply take these activities and you'll start fostering the ability of your mind instantly.

Actions to take

Use more than just one or 2 of your perceptions – Lots of time we rely on just a couple of our perceptions. If you block off those significant senses, what could happen to your mind? Your mind has to work more intensely to conquer the reduction of these senses. You can also use the Raikov effect from companies via

Slimming down your important senses can boost your mind power. Try this when you are ingesting, or performing a simple job like studying.

Use your feelings, feel, smell, and also taste if potential to boost your comprehension of the way your senses affect your mind. The longer spent in this practice the larger the effect it's going to have in your mind.

Locate unique applications for shared objects – To receive your mind's juices flowing try this: 

Think about any item.  As soon as you've chosen your completely normal thing, get a pencil and paper and create a list of things you can use it for besides what it was created for.  

Come up with as many totally off the wall items that you possibly can.  Try to develop 10 and see whether you may locate more.  

Keep at it until you've exhausted all of your imagination. Then decide on another item and begin all over. This may keep your head from working at its entire potential.