A dental crown is used to hide any irregularities in the surface of the teeth. It is permanently attached to original teeth or an implant. Cementing process used for the deposition of the permanent crown to base. It can be used to fill gaps between the teeth like a bridge.

A dental crown has various functions and hence there are various types of them as well. Similarly, there are individual advantages as well. We will further discover more about the different types of dental crowns and their benefits in detail. 

Various types of dental crowns are available and their advantages


It is widely used to replace front teeth. It is possible to achieve as ceramic or porcelain has the same features as that of natural teeth that produce a smooth mixture. The texture and color similar to natural teeth and these are one of the advantages of using ceramics to replace the front teeth. 

Alloy and Porcelain

This is the epitome of the dental crowning process. Porcelain looks like a natural tooth while metals make strong and durable elements. However, the process includes removing tooth structure generously from the base as the metal needs to be repaired at the root. It is ideal for molars and premolars where biting pressure is high.

There are various reasons for having a dental crown. Some of the factors include protecting the underlying teeth for any further abrasion, filling holes in between teeth, enhance the functionality of weak teeth and beautifying the smile. Have a detailed discussion with your dentist to know various functionalities of dental crowns before selection.