The method and scope of a demolition strategy usually depend on the size of the project, the budget available, and certain external factors that may be at play such as the need to demolish buildings without damaging nearby structures. Contrary to popular belief, there is the art of destroying buildings effectively. 

Below are some of the most common methods of demolishing structures that are performed by demolition labour hire, as well as where and why they are used for each.

Explosion Destruction: 

When one thinks of a building that is destroyed, the destruction from the explosion is usually the thought that comes to mind. It is a variant when a button is pressed by a foreman, which causes the discharge of the load and the structure to fall almost straight into its own pile. At the same time, explosives require the utmost care and precautions. Explosions must be completely controlled, otherwise, disaster could occur. 

Need To Demolish Your Commercial Building? 5 Steps To Prepare

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Non-Explosive Destruction: 

This type of destruction is best symbolized by a crushed ball. Methods of demolishing buildings can be carried out independently or together with explosives. In some cases, break balls are used to remove difficult areas or to bring the overall height of a building to a level that can safely explode. The advantages of this style are fast, relatively easy, and less expensive than explosive crushing. 

Selective Demolition: 

This aspect of demolition refers to preparing a structure for some type of renovation, expansion, or reconstruction as opposed to the total demolition of a building. This requires great care as it is very difficult to remove only certain aspects of a site while maintaining the structural integrity of the entire building. This required architectural study, careful planning, and a level of precision that no construction or deconstruction team could achieve.