It will surprise you to learn that animators have to go through many steps to create the animation videos you see. Animation videos play a crucial role in entertainment and advertisement. Animation began as a series of drawings that were played at high speed.

But animation has evolved to a full-fledged art form. Animation is used today to explain a variety of topics. There are many types of animation videos, including computer-generated animations and sketch animations.

While there are many techniques animators can use to create videos, they tend to fall under two main categories: 2D animation explainer and 3D animation explainer video. Most people don't know the difference.

What differences between 2D animation and 3D animation?

Here is a small list of differences between a 2D animation explainer video and 3D animation explainer video that you should know about:

Art style

Both 3D and 2D animation explainer videos use different art styles. There are rare attempts that are done to try to use a 2D animation style in 3D animation and vice versa. These attempts seldom work due to obvious reasons. There is a 2.5D animation style that combines the features of both, though it is considerably more difficult to produce and a very time taking process due to which animators often avoid this technique.


Both 3D animation explainer videos and 2D explainer videos have their own set of uses. 2D whiteboard explainer videos are mostly used to convey a simple message or to explain a certain topic. 3D animation videos are mostly used to sell a product, or in cases where 2D animation videos are just not enough. 

Difficulty curve

2D whiteboard explainer videos are generally less difficult to make because a simple explainer video software can create animation with basic sprites. When animating, 2D animation videos are easier to work with because sprites can completely vanish when not used. Sprites can also use still images without feeling lifeless.

When it comes to 3D animation explainer videos, the difficulty level is way higher. The animator has to animate all sides of an object during an animation. Though animation video software can help reduce the effort required with keyframes, it is still generally more difficult.