Bath salt is one of the most widely used natural, homeopathic remedies for fungal skin infections. They can help to cure the infection right away and provide relief for those with dermatitis or eczema. Dead Sea salt is often used in treatments for thrush, athlete's foot, and yeast infections.

The concentration of the bath salts is directly related to the strength of the medication. A salt concentration of approximately two percent is recommended for treating fungal skin infections.

When you are dealing with a particular type of fungal infection, a bath salt treatment may not be the best solution. You should make sure that you are using an appropriate cure for the infection before you go to the spa.

Dead Sea salt therapy is a very effective way to treat infections. It is the only treatment method that can treat fungi from beneath the skin. It has been found that a bath salt treatment can treat numerous forms of fungal infections.

There are many local pharmacies that sell bath salts and similar treatments, but when it comes to the effectiveness of these products, you need to do your homework and do your research. You can get your bath salt online and make the treatment yourself at home.

Dead Sea salts are known for their anti-bacterial properties. The presence of calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, sulfur, and chlorophyll, makes them effective for killing any bacteria present on the skin.

When choosing your bath salt, make sure that you choose a high quality product. In addition, make sure that you choose a product that is made with natural ingredients and that is not pre-milled.

You also want to look for products that will contain no artificial fragrances or colors. There are some products that contain no alcohol at all. That is not ideal because it means that you will be eating some of the bath salt and that is not good for your health.

You can find bath salt treatments that use hydrogen peroxide as a cleaning agent, which is a better alternative than the common household bleach. The hydrogen peroxide works by destroying the bacteria that are living under the skin.

If you find that the bath salt products that you have purchased do not contain the type of disinfectant that you want, you should always read the ingredients label. Often times, you will find an ingredient such as sodium thiosulfate or tea tree oil in the bath salt.

Other ingredients may be aloe, lavender, tea tree oil, or dandelion, among others. These ingredients will all help to disinfect the area under the skin, preventing future infection.

When using a bath salt treatment, you should only use it when the area under the skin has become very dry. You should not use the treatment more than twice a day because the salts contain high concentrations of potassium, which can cause your skin to become dry and cracked.