A great low impact way to exercise is with a sports ball. This is a multipurpose low-cost equipment that can be used as a training tool as part of a weight loss program. The core training ball exercise forces the use of all muscles in the core or midsection with the intention of strengthening them. Physical therapists have used sports balls as part of their program for years.

However, more and more people have realized the benefits of using these sports equipment. You will find sports balls in aerobic classes, yoga camps, and many gyms too. You can buy peanut massage balls from various internet sources.

To get acquainted with a sports ball, it is recommended to sit on the ball and hold on to the chair to increase stability. Move your legs with movements up and down and gradually remove your grip on the chair.

This will help you learn to balance and with time, you will not need support from the chair. These balls are available in various sizes. You must choose one based on your height. If your hips and knees level then it is perfect for you. Fastball gives the right amount of resistance during core exercise.

As a beginner, you might prefer softer balls because it provides more support for the body, and it's easier to maintain balance. You can adjust the level of firmness according to your needs. However, make sure you read the manufacturer's instructions and don't overcome the ball too much.

Core exercise will help you maintain a better posture and protect your lower back from injury. It is also known to relieve lower back pain. The basic principle behind the Swiss ball is that you are forced to involve your core muscles to stay balanced during the exercise routine, thus strengthening your core.