Not all solar panels are created equal. These were built to meet the building's energy needs in accordance with Maximum Power Tracking (MPPT).

More often, commercial and residential panels are of different colors. Commercial modules are usually white and personal solar panels are black or white.

Although the color of the panels is just a matter of preference and doesn't really say whether they are residential or commercial panels.

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Residential and commercial panels are installed using the same procedure, namely with the help of a screwed rack system. The choice of panels based on installation depends on two conditions:

Roof Pitch: Easier to install solar energy on a flat surface. Since retail stores usually install floor slabs or flat roofs, this is much faster. Installing solar energy on a sloping roof is a bit more difficult than installing it on a flat surface.

Installation Time: Commercial solar panels take longer to install than household solar panels.

Residential solar energy takes a few days, while residential solar energy installation takes a month. So, if you have the time, you can choose to install commercial panels in Melbourne.


Based on these 3 factors, you can choose the perfect panel. For example, you can install commercial solar panels on the roof of your house if you have enough space and time to do so.