Tent trailers are among the lightest and easiest to operate among RV's. Being able to be towed by a large range of vehicles including some of the larger cars, appeal to a broad range of buyers who want a small, highly maneuverable coach that allows spontaneous operation.

A bonus is that they can easily be stored in a typical garage protecting them from the elements in between outings. They are purchased by families with children who find them an excellent upgrade from tent camping. You can check out online sources to know about the services of storage & repair for motorhome & RV in Concord.

A typical trailer tent folds up while being pulled, and then hand-cranked, or by some models, electrically assisted to unfold, when at the camp. Because of their lightweight and small size, they can easily maneuver into a tight spot in a primitive campsite.

The added bonus of featuring ease of setup, and the modern conveniences such as refrigerators, sinks, freshwater supply, and even toilets, is appealing for many who have car and tent camped prior.


  • The easiest and most economical to tow and maneuver of all the towable RV's available. Their low profile cuts down on wind resistance and thus improves gas mileage.
  • They are spontaneous to hitch up and hit the road on a moment's notice. They also can travel almost anywhere one can drive the tow vehicle.
  • These economical units can sport many of the same items found in larger, more expensive RV's such as 3-way refrigerators, heating and air conditioning, toilet facilities and so on.