The cardigan sweater is one of the popular fashion apparel preferred by many women around the world. The sweaters are usually designed with a front opening and attached with buttons or zippers. There are categorized into three main types which are button-up cardigans, zippered cardigans, and twin set cardigans.

The sweaters are commonly made from wool, cotton, rayon, cashmere, and a combination of natural or synthetic materials. They are usually hand knitted or machine sewn and suitable for both men and women. You can also buy nice men's sweaters at

Many designers today are designing this type of garment as trendy and stylish wear besides providing warmth and comfort. It is available in long sleeve, ¾ sleeve, and short sleeve lengths. This sweater can be worn by both genders regardless of age in casual, dressy, or even formal outfits due to its versatility.

A short sleeve zipper cardigan made from light wool with bright color and matched with a pair of jeans is ideal for casual wear on summer days. Besides, a ¾ sleeve or short sleeve cardigan with lace collars paired with patterned or colorful leggings or tights is perfect for a summer vacation or as a fancy outfit.

Matching a grey or dark color short-sleeve button-up ruffle cardigan with a black pencil skirt is great for lighter business or work functions. Short sleeve garment looks great on a petite body because it can visually lengthen the arms.