Facebook Chatbot is the newest and greatest thing to hit the internet thus far. It is currently dominating chat rooms all over the world, and for good reason. Facebook Messenger Bots is changing the internet today for the better.

They transformed the advertising game completely for any company you are in, today. Not only that, but they wield huge political power for whatever sector you are from. Okay, not your children, but you get the picture. If you use Messenger Bot to re-engage potential customers or to simply sell products or services, then you will definitely be seeing an increase in sales and profit within a very short period of time.

What does this mean for your business? Well, first of all, it is much easier to engage customers in real conversations and not just read them a message. With Messenger Bot, you can easily give your customers the option to either forward messages to their friends (which I recommend you do), or they can simply click on a button to re-enter the conversation they were having so that you can still deliver your message to them without having to go through the trouble of getting them to do something.

The second major use case for Messenger Bot is in the area of customer service. I have personally witnessed countless instances where Messenger Bot has prevented issues from going viral. For example, we had a customer service representative from Salesforce use the bot to call a potential customer after the customer had placed the order online. Once again, if the conversation went public, the representative would not have had a choice, he/she would have had to leave the call, thus preventing the issue from becoming viral. In the end, we ended up resolving the problem by having the representative record the call, remove his/her name, and have the customer service representative's name removed as well.

So does this mean that automated bots are replacing customer service reps? It appears so because of the positive impact that Messenger Bot has on sales and revenue. However, this impact will come at the expense of some employees, who will be forced to devote more time to messaging than to actually processing calls. However, even though salespeople and reps will be less productive when using Messenger Bot, the overall impact on revenue should be significant enough to offset the productivity loss.

Will the loss of revenue to be mitigated by increasing the company's brand image? Yes, I believe so because of the following.

A) A buyer will always look for a face behind the product (i.e. the brand image), and

B) A buyer will always perceive the presence of a face behind a product (i.e. the marketing message).

Is it possible to pre-sell with a Messenger Bot? Yes, I believe so because a) A good marketing email should always contain some type of pre-selling information.

If you do not believe me, try it out yourself. Send your customers an email marketing newsletter or prospecting kit that comes with chat Bots. Then ask your sales team or marketing department to put the chat bots forward to their current contacts. This will not only save time for your staff but also create a sense of urgency that will convince customers to make a purchase now.

But wait, aren't Chat Bots automated customer service representatives? Well, no, they are not, but they can be an excellent resource for directing your customers and prospects to the right locations in your marketing funnel. For example, if you are in the mortgage industry, you might direct customers to a mortgage quote page or to a loan application form. Facebook Chatbot can also help with bill payment, tracking the status of an application, and sending out the bill to the wrong addresses.

So, is a Messenger Bot an automated customer service representative or can it be considered an automated tool for generating sales leads? In my opinion, it is best viewed as an automated tool for generating sales leads. If you know how to properly program a chatbot, you can create a conversation, record the conversation, and then send it to your customer base without any additional effort. That is what I believe the future of marketing automation looks like. You simply need to be able to send an email, record a message, record a voice mail, and then hit a button on your computer.

With so many options available in the marketplace, a potential buyer could use your Messenger Bot as a personal assistant. As long as you record your voice messages, and then send them out automatically, your chatbot is performing almost double duty as an assistant and customer service representative all rolled into one! When using a Messenger Bot, remember that the more you customize your bot, the more it will grow to be a valuable asset to your business. Chat Bots are here to help you streamline your business operations.