Buying a property in Singapore is one of the complex areas that can be difficult to understand. Therefore, getting help from a real estate agent when it comes to finding the right home, apartment, or condominium that will suit you and your family.

Pullman residences Singapore property either sold through ownership of the lease or freehold. Infrastructure ownership means that the owner can hold the property forever while the lease term provides for a certain period of ownership, where the property will be returned to the State's current fall term.

Buying Property in Singapore: Things To Take Note Of

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When it comes to foreign ownership, foreigners are allowed to own property in Singapore since 2005. Properties such as apartments or condominiums called strata titled property and do not require approval from the Singapore government.

However, buying a property in Singapore require approval from the Singapore Land Authority is required if the property consists of ground such as bungalows and houses.

When it comes to those covered by the Housing Development Board, foreigners are not citizens or legal entities still cannot buy a condominium executive come from the open market. Instead, they should contact the developer.

When buying a property in Singapore, looking for the right property is part of the game. Seeking help professional real estate agents will be useful both because not only will they ensure the proper documentation of everything but their knowledge of the Singapore real estate market thus making it easier for you to pick your choice.