You have already made up your mind to buy your dog a dog bed – a warm and secure place for him only, where he will rest and laze at large and that will keep him off your own sofa. That was the first and very clever step you have made. Now you have to think about purchasing a washable extra large orthopedic dog beds.

dog beds

Dogs may be our truly and beloved friends – but let us be honest – they are not that cleanly. They like playing outside in dry and wet weather, to jump in the puddles, to burrow in the mud, running in the dust and they bring all that mess at home.

Very soon you will start to notice some hair, mold, fungus, pieces of chewing bones and food in your pet’s bed. It will soon become smelly and dirty. He could even bring up home some flees from the grass outside. And very soon the new bed you bought for him will get an infected and unclean part of your home. What should you do?

The best and fastest solution is the bed to be washable. These beds are made of foam and other waterproof materials. There is a large selection of styles online, there are many different options of washable dog beds like for example a bed with removable cover that you can take off and simply wash in the washing machine. Some manufacturer use waterproof leather to protect the mattress or other non-absorbing and durable materials.

Using a washable dog bed is the perfect way to keep your pet in a healthy condition. It’s also the best hygienic solution for your pet and your house. Instead of spraying the bed and your home against the bad odor, you could just clean/wash his bed and it will be again a comfortable place where your best friend will spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying the clean sheets.

And you will not have to worry about the bed smell or miserable look of your pets place when you invite guests at home.

There is no doubt that the washable dog beds lasts much longer. So why should you wasting your money in buying a regular bed that will get stinky in a very short time and you’ll have to change it with a new one, when you can invest in a washable dog bed and assure your pet the comfort he needs – with less efforts and in the most effective way.