When shopping for designer boy's clothing, remember that boys prefer jeans and tees, or something similar. They also like something they can get in and out of easily, so they are comfortable and active. Boys' clothes should also be considered in terms of style. 

Style options for girls are more open-ended. Girls can wear anything from tomboy clothes to summer dresses to Sunday clothes. But boys want something cool. For example, a long-sleeve tee with a print or flannel shirt. If you are confusing while shop for boys’ clothes, then you can check out the various stylish clothing option for your little one.

The trick to getting boys to wear scarves, coats, and dress clothes is in the color. While a boy may wear a scarf with a black and white or solid red pattern, it is not a good idea to try to get them to use delicate patterns or other combinations of colors. If in doubt, it's a good idea to stick with gray tones.

You don't have to dress your boy informal shoes. Instead, you can bring sneakers along. Every boy below the age of 10 will try to climb the nearest tree. You can either wear expensive shoes or cheap running shoes. You might be able to get a boy to love designer clothes if you are lucky. 

However, it will require compromise. Let the boy participate in the shopping process. You can let him choose the items that he likes and then you can pick the rest of the outfits around them. If he picks a cool long-sleeve tee to wear, you can choose a coat, pants, and shoes that will go with it.