Many people apologize for not making a healthier and greener choice to ride a bicycle than a vehicle. These include safety concerns and the lack of a smooth, uninterrupted path. Many Americans who own a bicycle only see it as a recreational toy to take to the park for exercise. 

However, bicycles are slowly regaining their place as a viable means of transportation. With the increase in bicycle lanes in many large cities, more and more people are commuting to work, school and food in two-wheeled vehicles. It has now become easier to get green bike lanes via

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Studies show that the number of bicycle accidents decreases as the number of cyclists on the road increases. Hiking trails encourage cycling on major roads, which has been shown to reduce car traffic. The larger presence of cyclists forces those who choose to drive cars to take screens seriously and give way to more fragile vehicles.

In the Netherlands, for example, the car accident rate is about 26 times lower than in the US. This is true despite the fact that around 25% of their population travels by bicycle while only 1% of our population does. Why? The Netherlands, although much smaller, has more than 30,000 km of separate bicycle paths.

Trails encourage more cycling and less driving, changes that are generally beneficial. More cycling and less driving mean less traffic, less pollution, more exercise, more safety, and less money to spend on gasoline, maintenance, and car accident lawyers.