Solar water heater has been moved to the top of the list in the popularity stakes. Today many people have become aware that they can easily reduce their carbon footprint and helps to conserve the earth's resources. And one of the ways in which this can be done is to install a solar hot water heater.

Using solar water heating systems saves a lot of energy that would otherwise be spent on heating water by electricity.

People also like to know that they personally will benefit from forking out the extra money to purchase and install a solar hot water heater.

And because solar hot water heater lasts for 30 years or more, it can be seen that the initial costs will be recovered by the utility savings. Using free solar electricity to heat the water you save a lot on electricity costs.

The traditional hot water systems should be replaced every 10-12 years. Solar hot water heater lasts much longer than traditional thermal heating that will not need to be replaced as often.

Lastly, when you go on vacation, you can turn off the electricity to solar heating and when you come back, it will take less time and electrical energy to heat the water as the sun was going to have to do it while you're away.