Ever since women started thinking about the harmful effects of commercial sanitary napkins on the human body and the environment, they have been looking for better alternatives. 

As a result, there are now organic sanitary napkins, menstrual cups, organic tampons, and organic pads. Menstrual pads certainly take precedence over the other options we have. Let us identify some of the benefits of these sanitary napkins.

organic sanitary pad

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Comfortable: Organic menstrual pads are much better than these regular sanitary napkins. Ordinary wipes contain plastic parts and many chemicals that often cause discomfort. 

Organic fabric liners are much more comfortable thanks to organic cotton and other natural materials used in the pad. These cloth napkins are very breathable and 100% good for your skin. In this way, they help make you feel good throughout the day.

Reduces rashes and irritation: Inorganic materials found in commercially available sanitary napkins cause skin infections and rashes in 90% of women who use them.

Organic menstrual pads contain only organic cotton. It reduces the risk of rashes and irritation. The pads are super soft and comfortable. The most important thing is that you know what ingredients you are exposing your sensitive skin too.

These sanitary napkins are easy to clean and prevent leakage. So don't make yourself feel disrespectful. They save you from many diseases that can cause lifelong damage to your body. These pads come in very cute prints and colors. In fact, you will build a healthy relationship with your period.