Are you looking for a quick way to make a statement at a dull wedding? Balloons are the perfect decoration you require. These DIY ideas aren't just affordable, but they are also beautiful elements to your wedding reception or ceremony. The addition of balloons to your wedding is an excellent option to get creative and reduce costs.

If you're a bride on a tight budget, balloon decorations can be a fantastic method to remain on the right track financially and create an elegant wedding. One of the most effective locations brides can make use of decorations for their wedding is on the tables at the reception. For a fun centerpiece for your nuptial balloons, you'll require white lunch sacks and sand, beautiful string balloons, helium, and other balloons of the same colors for your reception.

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Use a paper bag and make it up with 2 cups of sand. Inflate three balloons using helium, and attach them by stringing them long. After that, tie them up in the top part of the bag, and wrap the balloons around it to ensure they are secured. 

It is recommended for you to trim the ribbons of three balloons in a different way so that they can be different sizes when they are placed. You can also curl the excess strings or ribbon to add more style. To add more beauty, brides can fill the bags with tissue paper following the addition of sand.

Wedding decorations made of balloons can be a wonderful way to bring fun and excitement. Brides can create the decorations by themselves, with family and acquaintances. These ideas aren't expensive, however, the final product is certainly beautiful.