Some basic yoga positions for beginners can give you the benefits you may not have an idea about. You might think you do not need the basics once you feel you are at an intermediate level, or you might think the basics will not help because you are not flexible enough not to "do yoga."

All levels of professionals can benefit from the basic positions of yoga. If you are new to yoga or interested in starting a yoga practice, the basics are your starting point. You can consider Credo Yoga to know more about yoga for beginners and its benefits.

You can always modify a more difficult pose by practicing the basic pose. You can also change a basic pose. The goal is to find the benefit that each position has for you – within your own body.

If you are an intermediate yogi, practicing the basics you can return to root their positions. Sometimes we move through poses like we've been there before and it's easy. Try to reconnect with the basic poses.

Be aware of the four corners of your feet on the ground pressing – make your feet the root of your posture. Set up a little straighter and be aware of how small the changes affect how you feel in the pose.

Basic postures may look like they have no benefit at all, like mountain pose. It may look like he's just standing. Actively pushing the feet on the ground and consciously lift your spine, which is straightening his posture and strengthening your ankles.

With the opening of the shoulders, he is relieving tension in the shoulders and neck and open the chest to promote full use of the lungs. When focusing on breathing they are increasing their cardiorespiratory function and resistance.