Baby travel cots come in many different styles to suit all tastes and budgets. A travel cot is simply a bed designed specifically for a baby or small child which folds or collapses into a carrying bag for easy transport. Baby travel cots are typically smaller than an adult cot, often having only soft side panels give comfort to the baby while asleep. These baby travel cots are great for those parents who are going on an extended vacation away from home where there may be no places to keep an adult baby, or for parents who are planning a baby shower when at least one baby is present at home.

The convenience of baby travel cots is often hard to deny. While many cribs are large and awkward, smaller cribs made specifically for toddlers are a far cry from the uncomfortable-looking, unfriendly cribs. And even if the baby is sleeping in a crib that is not the optimal size, most convertible cribs will eventually grow to accommodate two or more babies as the child grows. These convertible cribs are made using sturdy plastic frames to ensure that the mattress doesn't fall apart after several months, and a water-resistant coating makes the mattress extremely easy to clean.

Baby travel cots come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. While newborns enjoy bright colors, toddlers and older children can find comfort in more muted, subdued designs. In addition to colors, most baby travel cots are made to accommodate various sizes and sleeping arrangements. A sit-n-stand stroller might require a larger mattress, so a smaller-sized crib might be a better option if it is difficult for a parent to keep his or her toddler in the crib while on the go.

Baby travel cots also vary in price. Many are inexpensive enough to be purchased by the entire family. However, there are also more expensive options available. Parents should carefully examine the options before making a decision about which is the best travel bed. Some of the most popular brands include Trend Lab, Stokke, and Graco. Keep in mind that no matter what brand a parent chooses, safety is always the primary concern when babies are sleeping.

Most baby travel cots come with a variety of options for comfortable bedding. These include detachable blankets and pillows, as well as a tummy pad. Many convertible baby cribs have bassinets with cupboards beneath the bed. This allows parents to keep their babies at a very comfortable sleeping position. The bassinets and cupboards are also quite useful for storing extra diapers or clothes. Other convertible baby cribs feature storage drawers and shelves for keeping different toys and books.

An example of an excellent mattress for babies is the Inovia Mattress Raised Foam mattress. The Inovia company makes mattresses for children of all ages. They have special mattresses designed for growing children, as well as mattresses for those who just want a good night's sleep. The Inovia Inflatable Mattress Raised Foam mattress is designed to conform to the natural body curve of a baby as he or she grows.

Baby travel cots also offer extra features such as bottle carriers and towel holders. Parents can purchase a travel cot with two beverage holders and up to four towel holders. They may also choose to purchase a carry case.

One final consideration when purchasing a baby travel cot is durability. A quality travel cot should have a durable plastic frame and should be made from a high quality material. It should feature an adjustable canopy that is fully seam sealed. It should be constructed using a durable fastening system. The frame should be made of heavy duty aluminum, stainless steel, or steel. Choosing a durable product will ensure many years of comfortable use.